BEC V Listening

Listening – Tips and FAQs

  • Read the instructions and task carefully in the time before the first listening, think about what you are going to hear, and underline key words in the instructions and questions.
  • Use the second listening to check, confirm or alter your answers from the first listening (remember that changing an answer in Part 2 may affect other answers in the same task).
  • Remember that spelling should be correct in Part 1 (British or American spelling).
  • Concentrate on an in-depth understanding of what is said in Parts 2 and 3.
  • Remember that the five answers should be different in each task in Part 2.
  • Answer all the questions – you won’t lose marks for wrong answers, and there’s a chance that you’ll guess correctly.
  • Carefully copy your answers in pencil onto the answer sheet during the 10 minutes at the end of the test.
  • Remember to pay attention to anything that appears after the gap in Part 1 questions.
  • Don’t leave any answers blank.
  • Don’t spend too long thinking about a question: leave it until the second listening.
  • Don’t attempt to rephrase unnecessarily what you hear in Part 1.
  • Don’t repeat information or words that already appear before or after the gap, in Part 1. For example, if the word ‘days’ is after the gap, don’t write ‘days’ in your answer.
  • Don’t forget that you should only choose the option that actually answers the question in Part 3 – even if an option is true, it may not answer the question that has been asked.
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What sort of material is used in the test?
The recordings are scripted. They all deal with business topics and situations. All have one or two speakers.

How useful is exam preparation for improving my listening ability?
The exam tests listening skills that are required for most purposes – not only in business – so exam preparation is valuable.

Can the Listening test be taken separately?
No, Cambridge English: Business Vantage has four papers, testing, reading, writing, listening and speaking. All four papers need to be taken in the same exam period, in order to pass the exam.

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